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 Educating Minds, Nurturing Hearts
Our History
Combining her love for children with the love for her Lord, Florence "Flo" Gause had a dream of teaching little children how to read, and also introducing them to Jesus.  Next to her dedication to her family, this has remained a lifelong ambition from early adulthood to today.

As a young mother to six children, she enjoyed sharing the flannel graph Bible and missionary stories with the children at Sunday School and Vacation Bible School at Fruitvale Church (now Riverlakes Community Church.)  She believes strongly, the proverb, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

After experiencing the deep rewards of teaching at her church, Flo decided to become a professional teacher and taught at the Carden School for ten years.  In 1983, she started a small Christian preschool in her home, and then expanded to use temporarily the Fruitvale Church buildings. Soon needing a permanent facility, Flo and her husband, Bob “Mr. Bob” Gause, began looking for a site for their preschool.  Together, they decided to call it Little Country Christian School and  base it upon "old fashioned learning with up-to-date style."

The property they found was an historic church, one of the first in the Greenacres area.  Mr. Bob supervised the renovation, as the church was transformed into a preschool. Flo described this site as,  “God’s perfect place to have a loving 'country school,'" and that He chose the ground "to plant the seeds of faith, hope and knowledge of Jesus Christ.”  Nearly three decades later, the school continues to follow these founding principles.

During this time, Flo developed her own reading program, Simply Phonics™, based upon her many years of teaching experience at Carden and her natural passion for teaching reading.  Recognizing the importance of giving children an early start in Christian education, and the amazing impact it can have on their lifelong development, Bob and Flo acquired adjacent properties to enlarge the preschool playground, and established an elementary school, Country Christian School.  Since 1994, CCS has operated separately as a nonprofit entity.  It continues to grow yearly under the blessing and guidance of the Lord, has expanded its campus, and now educates kindergarten through eighth grade!   Little Country Christian School encourages our preschool families  to continue their child's education at Country Christian School

Over the past three decades, thousands of local children have attended Little Country Christian School and Country Christian School; where many children and their parents have come to know the Lord, while receiving an outstanding education.  Some of those early students have children who today are in the school, and some have even become teachers at LCCS or CCS themselves! 

Mr. Bob was dedicated to both Little Country Christian School and Country Christian School until his death in 2006. Deeply loved by the schools' children and staff, he spent much of his retirement fixing anything that was broken, making the children laugh, and hosting our annual Deep Pit Barbeque and Open House.  This popular event has now expanded to an annual carnival with hundreds attending to enjoy the warm atmosphere shared by the schools with their friends and neighbors.   Bob and Flo's vision is being honored by their children who serve on the LCCS Board of Directors, and their children and grandchildren who serve at LCCS in a variety of staff and volunteer roles.  Bob and Flo have a family legacy of six children, eighteen grandchildren and twenty-four great grandchildren.  Flo (or Grandma Gause) has been instrumental in teaching all of her grandchildren and many of her great-grandchildren to read.  In addition, many of her grandchildren and now great-grandchildren have attended Little Country Christian School and Country Christian School.
   “After nearly half a century of teaching reading, I remain thrilled to see a child learn to read for the first time.  For when a child reads,  it opens the door for his future by providing a foundation and the tools needed to achieve success in his studies.

   Using a reading method I developed many years ago, called Simply Phonics™, has been rewarding to me, as I have watched students grow over the many years I have volunteered. I love to go to ‘work’ and look forward to Monday mornings, when I can return to volunteer with these exceptional children.”

--Mrs. Florence Gause, Founder
Little Country Christian School

Both LCCS and Country Christian School have maintained a strong academically oriented environment with dedicated teachers while providing a warm, loving environment.  In all we do, our focus is upon the Lord.  "From our first day, our goal has been to provide an outstanding Biblically based education honoring Jesus Christ our Savior,” says Flo.  “As I look back over the years of my life I can say with assurance that God was in my life and opening doors to ministry in which I was not aware!  It has been a wonderful blessing to be used by the Lord, and to daily serve Him in an area where I love what I do!”  Flo, at 87 years old, continues to volunteer teaching Simply Phonics™ at Country Christian School and at LCCS preschool.  

We give God all the praise and glory for His faithfulness in all He has done in building and sustaining Little Country Christian School and Country Christian School!